cnc solutions

CNC machining of stainless steel and aluminium components

We will provide the entire manufacture of machined parts, from material sorting, through the preparation of design documentation to the heat treatment and surface finish of complete parts.

cnc solutions

We will provide you with

CNC milling

We will provide the production of components Using professional CNC technology, even of complex shapes or the production of a smaller number of pieces.

CNC turning

We will cover the manufacture of rotary components from steel, stainless steel, duralumin, plastic or other materials, even in small batch production.

Design solutions

We provide reverse engineering and will create a production plan and design solution for original components, even additionally.

Grinding of metals

We will achieve required properties regarding the surface roughness of a finished component after the milling, turning or hardening, i.e. we will also provide the final treatment of a manufactured part.

Heat treatment

We treat components using thermal methods, such as annealing, case-hardening, hardening, nitriding. We will provide the surface finish of steel and aluminum components.

Electrical discharge machining

We machine problematic and complex shapes thanks to electrical discharge machining and gouging technologies; thus, we can also manufacture sophisticated parts and components.


The range of our services also includes the delivery and division of metal material, bar material and sheet metal in quantities, thicknesses and lengths required by the client.


We provide the designing, manufacture and installation of compact assemblies and sub-assemblies for different industries. These are tailor-made solutions, which help our clients achieve required results in production processes.


If you need officially certified measurements or reports for a manufactured component, we will provide you with these documents too.


We are a professional mechanical engineering team

Each of our coworkers has mechanical engineering education and has been involved in mechanical engineering operations practically since the time of their studies. Also for this reason, we can safely assert that in the area of CNC turning and milling we offer professional services as well as rigorous approach to each individual order.

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