Range of our company’s mechanical engineering services

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of metal components and parts

Using a professional CNC technology, we will provide the production of metal and plastic components, even in the case of intricate shapes or piece production.


of metal and stainless parts

We will cover the manufacture of rotary components from steel, stainless steel, duralumin, plastic or other materials, even in the case of small batch production. We can offer the CNC turning service to clients from different industries, we especially cooperate with the automotive, food-processing and electrical engineering industries. We also turn difficult shapes, rather complicated parts and also provide the final treatment of a metal component.


for mechanical parts, components, workpieces

We provide reverse engineering and will create a production plan and design solution for finished components, even additionally or from an original part. This service is especially used by customers who need a particular part or component but do not possess its original manufacturing documentation or need to upgrade it. Subsequently, we also arrange for the manufacture of the component and attest the required properties via measurements or arrange for a certificate on properties.


and metal components

We will achieve required properties regarding the surface roughness of a finished component after the CNC milling, CNC turning or after the hardening. The customer can also rely on us for the final treatment of a manufactured part. Subsequently, we can attest via measurements that parts are manufactured exactly according to the requirement set for quality as well as appearance.


and surface finish of metals

Depending on the manufacturing process as well as the criteria set for the component strength, we can treat metal components using thermal methods, such as annealing, case-hardening, hardening or nitriding. Via heat treatment, we considerably change the properties of metals and metal surfaces in order to achieve the properties or functionality required. Our services also include the surface treatment of metals, such as blackening, electroless nickel plating and zinc plating (for steel components) or annodizing of aluminum components. Via the surface treatment of metals, we can change the color of the metal surface as well as protect it from possible corrosion.


of metal components

We machine problematic and intricate shapes thanks to the electrical discharge machining and deepening technology. Thanks to this, we are capable of even providing the manufacture of more sophisticated parts and components, thus satisfying even the most demanding requirements of our clients. Precision and detailed work is no problem for us.


and division of material

The range of our services also includes the delivery and division of metal material, stainless material, bar material and sheet metal in quantities, thicknesses and lengths required by the client. We can bring the material using our own vehicle, thus ensuring its fast but also safe transport.


of assemblies and sub-assemblies

We provide the designing, manufacture and installation of compact assemblies and sub-assemblies for different industries. These are tailor-made solutions, which help our clients achieve required results in production processes. We cooperate with the automotive, food-processing and electrical engineering industries.


and certificates

If you need officially certified measurements or reports for a manufactured component, we will provide you with these documents too. After CNC milling or CNC turning, the customers need to know whether we have complied with the specified parameters and demands for quality, dimensions and functionality. The measuring reports provide you with proof of our precise and high-quality work.

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